Rajeswary Foundation

Rajeswary Foundation is a charitable organization established in 2007 located in Jagathy, Thiruvananthapuram District. (Registered under the Travancore Cochin charitable society’s registration Act 1955, Sec 12). We provide palliative care service .This includes compassionate and comprehensive care to terminally ill and those suffering from other devitalising illness. Rajeswary Foundation ( RF) for pain and palliative care is a joint effort of more than 1000 volunteers drawn from various sections of society.

Sree Vijayakumaran Nair and his wife Smt Rajeswary Amma, right from their younger days, were involved in a wide range of social and political activities. They worked closely for enrichment and empowerment of lives of the poor and downtrodden. Even from her sick bed, Rajeswary Amma was concerned about those deprived of medical care and other privileges in life. She expressed great sorrow for patients who suffered from cancer and had no access to facilities of treatment.

Rajeswary Foundation was first set up in 2007 in Trivandrum city by Sri K.Vijayakumaran Nair, after Rajeswary Amma succumbed to cancer fighting a seven year long battle. His relentless pursuit, passion and commitment to serve others have laid a strong foundation on which every RF member is motivated to carry forward the work began by its founders.

RF has come a long way since its official launchin 2007 .Although palliative care remains our core value, RF has diversified activities into supporting many social causes: Geriatric care, Diagnostic Services, Education, Rehabilitation and Women Empowerment.

Today Rajeswary Amma and Vijayakumaran Nair live through the noble work carried on untiringly and selflessly by RF.