About Us

Rajeswary Foundation is a charitable organization established in 2007 located in Jagathy, Thiruvananthapuram District. (Registered under the Travancore Cochin charitable society's registration Act 1955, Sec 12). We provide palliative care service. It includes compassionate and comprehensive care for the terminally ill and their families.

Our society is experiencing a drastic increase in the number of people suffering from incurable and fatal diseases. These also include a substantial number of patients bed-ridden for life. Rajeswary Foundation aspires to alleviate the pain and suffering of these unfortunate souls from among the deprived and under privileged sections of the society and become their constant companion for life.

Pain, disease and medicine are beyond the differentiation of caste, religion and politics. It transcends the borders of age and sex. Disease can affect anybody at any point of time. Those suffering from grave ailments look forward to meaningful concern not only from their near and dear ones but from the complete society. The assurance that familial and societal support is forthcoming is extremely important for improving the mental condition of the patient. In addition to the patients, the family members also require support from the society. Holistic Palliative care encompasses the spiritual and emotional upliftment of the patients and their immediate kin over and above the physiological care and the medical treatment.

Rajeswary Foundation is the joint effort of more than 700 volunteers drawn from various sections of the society. The foundation intends to spread its message of unconditional love and unflinching concern amidst the affected section that comprises patients as well as their family members. Nothing can be more satisfying for the palliative care volunteer than bringing cheer into the lives of the hapless patients.

Mission & Vision

"Our mission is to spread the message of palliative care and to provide quality palliative care."

"Our vision is to provide quality palliative care to all those who are in need of it."

What we are & what we do

  • Our team consisting of expert doctors, nurses, social workers and volunteers carry out daily house visits to treat the bed-ridden patients.
  • Palliative OP is conducted every day. The poor patients coming for the OP are given travel allowance. This is done to ensure that the continuous medication of the patients is not interrupted.
  • The patient requires a healthy diet along with medicines. Hence monetary helps is also extended to patients from the underprivileged strata.
  • Students dependent on patients from poor economic background are given books, stationery, and monthly stipend and assistance for professional courses.
  • Monthly stipend extended to very old patients who cannot afford treatment from their own resources.
  • Travel allowances provide to the patients of the palliative care OP for availing treatment facilities of Regional Cancer Centre, Sree Chithra Tirunal Institute of Medical Science & Technology, Govt. Medical College and General Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Monetary assistance to underprivileged patients who have to spend large sums on medicines and lab tests.
  • Monthly stipend to parents of those suffering from mental / physical deformities.
  • Lab sample of bed-ridden patients collected from their residence if required. Nursing services like dressing and injection available to those in dire need.
  • Rehabilitation assistance. In case of the death of earning member, assistance is provided for the rehabilitation of the family as well as the education of the children.
  • Monthly medical camps, eye check up camps, cancer detection camps, diabetes monitoring camps and awareness campaigns are also organized with view of enhancing the physical and mental health of the society.
  • Periodic seminars are organized in educational Institutions with the assistance of experts, to develop sense of cleanliness, self reliance, confidence, compassion and voluntariness amongst children. These programs also intend to lay stress on the importance of life style management in the contemporary society.
  • The foundation also joins hands with likeminded organizations to create a collective conscience towards palliative care in the society.